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Travel insurance - help please

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Greetings some of my fellow folks,

I went on holiday last year after my SAH as was within 6 months of travel I was told I would require a medical insurance. I called one and found I had to pay £55, for myself and daughter, one week for Spain.

I had told them I had a non injury SAH, coiled and did indeed have another anni unruptured.

Now ive had surgery for clip to be put on May 13 so basically only that adds on......£211.50 for 10 days Spain, again for me and my daughter....same company!

Please does anyone know what has made it shoot up in price? I wanted quote to go in August {nothing booked as yet}.

The company are called All Clear, anyone know of any other decent companies, ive tried to search on here but only find much older posts.

Thank you in advance for any info


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Hi Doodles

I have been sorting travel insurance out too. The price tends to shoot up if you have had surgery or treatment within the last 6 or 12 months (depending on insurer). I am using Insure & Go this year. The starting price was about £20 for 2 weeks for myself & my son. Because he had been admitted to hospital again within the last few months the price went up to about £60 for both of us, for 2 weeks.

Might be worth you giving them a try. I did it on-line & the form was very easy & quick. One of the questions was has your annie been successfully treated. I liked that question :-D

Michelle x

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Hi Doodles!

Don't know if you've sorted out your travel insurance yet, but I use Atlas - have yearly cover including North America with winter sports coverage and we pay £80 for the 4 of us, then I pay an additional £30 because of the SAH. Much cheaper than a lot - had free travel cover with Lloyds bank with my card & they wanted £118 more to cover me for Europe only last year!!

Hope you find good insurance at a reasonable price,

Enjoy your holiday

Juliette x

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