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  1. Hi Jill - I will PM you my number. I haven't met anybody who's had a SAH either - would be great to meet up with someone who's been through the same thing & understands what we're going through. I started at the Gwent, got transferred to the Heath, but they couldn't do the surgery there (neuro readiologist off or something!) so I was helicoptered over to Frenchay from treatment - roads too snowy/icy to drive safely. All my follow up is done there thankfully as much closer. I also have problems with my memory - sometimes simple words elude me when talking. People now take that as a norm for me - always was a bit scatty!! I did for a while practise on one of those brain trainers, which helped a little. I'm almost 3 years post SAH, and I think I am still improving..... I'll PM you Juliette xxx
  2. Thank you all for your words of encouragement - and Jill I really hope they don't take your license from you. Seems so silly to have to go through it all again so soon!!! Had angio on Thursday, and very happy to say the news was good The Dr doing the scan was actually the one who saved my life - for me a good omen. The angio showed slight swelling of the coiled area, which is what they saw as a 2nd annie forming. I found out the reason they checked it out was because my original anni was only 1.3mm, but still caused an incredible amount of blood. If my original annie had been bigger they wouldn't have been so worried about it. Anyway, Dr kept saying good news as she was doing the procedure - and not surprisingly took a while for it to sink in for me laid there trying not to panic or move!!!! There is a weekly meeting each Monday, where they will discuss my case, but the plan at the moment is that I am now going to have yearly scans to check whats going on, but at the moment no more surgery. YAY!!!!! And Breathe...... Am sooooo looking forward to my holiday in less than 2 weeks Take care all Juliette xxxxx
  3. Hi all, Spoke with the neuro nurse today - she & the lady booking the angio in have been really helpful. Having Angio Thursday now so thankfully less time to wait and get nervous... The MRI results showed slight compression of the coiling from what I can gather, so want to see how much its compressed by Angio. Also showed another small aneurysm which was not there before which they want to look into.. Has anyone else had this happen to them?? And, with an untreated annie, have the DVLA allowed you to drive?? Hoping (maybe stupidly!) that I need no further treatment and the small annie seen was just an anomaly on the day and sorted itself out Take care all Juliette x
  4. Hi Catherine, I had this pressure when my head was below my heart, also feel a bit wobbly like I would fall over. Couldn't look up either, without feeling funny. It does get better, takes time and I found that when I eventually got the energy to do gardening (which was many months into recovery) I also got it & was totally wiped out energy wise. As for painkillers, I only took Paracetamol/Ibuprofen when I needed it. Although at 3 weeks post SAH I think I used to have them quite regularly... Ask your Dr or the neuro nurse if you're having trouble with the pain. Take it easy, drink lots of water (I know everyone says this!), Be safe Juliette xx
  5. Thanks Daffodil, Had a great weekend. Read something while I was away that said if you;re stressed, just thinking about it can make you more stressed and effect your health - which of course in my case is obviously not good!! Solution was to think of something else (lists of things to do; order of shopping aisles in your local shop...) Sounds weird, but actually worked! Angio booked for the 7th, but going to try and get it booked in for this Thursday. Will be getting answers tomorrow, even if I have to drive over to the hospital and seek the people out!!! It is very stressful not knowing what they find - and if its life threatening or not. Tomorrow WILL bring the answers I need Take care all Juliette x
  6. Thanks Iola, I don't live far, but not sure I'd be able to get any information before Monday morning anyway... Penny, thanks for the advice - we already asked about flying and thats fine as soon as the angio site is healed. I won't worry the insurance until I know whats gong on. They already know my medical history, and as long as its over 2 years since the "incident" and have no other probe, I now don't need the extra cover I used to get. Although that may change with these results. Thanks all, will keep you posted - positive thoughts my way please Juliette xx
  7. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I feel any different to "normal" - just the odd stabbing pains, foggy head sometimes (especially with weather changes!) and bit of pressure now & then. But from what I remember its always been like that.... Although of course I am starting to doubt myself now, and every little thing today I'm panicking about. I had no indicators before my SAH that anything was wrong.... Am trying very hard to convince myself that they are just being over cautious. Will speak with the nurse Monday (not in on a Friday) to hopefully find what they're checking. Have Angio booked for Oct 7th so hopefully they'll be able to tell me the results quickly - off to Disney Florida on the 17th and will not let anything spoil it!!! Turn 40 on the 15th so a birthday treat with my family Strictly tonight to take my mind off my mini drama Take care Win Juliette xx
  8. After chasing & chasing my results, I finally got phone call this am from someone I though was just phoning to say all was ok. Unfortunately not, It was a lady who was booking me in for an angio to check something they'd found on the MRI. Luckily my husband was here at the time, as I broke down in shock. 2 years, no major problems - all previous scans have been fine. A shocking lack of communication by the departments, the poor lady who phoned up felt awful as she thought I knew what was going on. As it goes, I still don't and the Neuro nurse isn't in until Monday when hopefully she'll call and let me know whats occurring. I'm hanging on to the belief that they're just being super cautious and if it was serious, they would have contacted me sooner... I hope. Just a bit of a kick in the teeth really. Thought everything was fine....Feeling very emotional , but trying to get on a positive. What a way to start a weekend!!! Off to celebrate a friends 40th tomorrow, so need to get focused. Juliette xx
  9. Thanks Penny, thats what my husband has said - and what I want to believe. Will just be nice to get the piece of paper to say all clear & discharged!! Thanks again Juliette x
  10. Hello all! I had my 2 year MRI on June 2nd and am still waiting for the results! Neither myself or my Drs have received them yet... Phoned a few times leaving messages & eventually decided to e-mail the secretary only to find out she had retired the previous day! Anyway, phoned again leaving another message and someone finally returned the call - unfortunately I was out of signal (typical!!) & the message didn't arrive until after office hours!! Anyway, the message said I've found your results and have attached them to your notes. My consultant is on annual leave and should be back by middle of next week when he will contact me or write to me (her words). Am wondering why she didn't say everything looks fine at least to ease my mind. Now I will be worrying until I get the results!! Expecting that everything is fine - no news is good news right? Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else - the super long wait that is. And what the outcome was. Happy weekend all Juliette x
  11. Hi Liz, Yes it is more difficult to judge distance with just one eye and like Gill, I always think things are closer than they are! Over time it has got a lot easier. I built up the amount of time I drove & where I drove very slowly & when I first drove on the motorway it did freak me out a bit, but I had my husband in the car with me in case I felt I couldn't cope and didn't go far because the concentration made me really tired & tight headed. But now I'll drive anywhere, for any length as I did before having the SAH & loosing the sight Things like playing ball sports/hand to eye co-ordination stuff just takes a little longer to get my eye in (excuse the pun! ), but brains are really remarkable and seem to be able to compensate. I hope the eye appointments go well, I had many and the specialists I had were fantastic and honest! Take care Juliette x
  12. I'm now 2 and a half years post SAH and I still get this on and off, especially when I'm a little run down, over tired or done too much. It feels to me like I have pressure building up in my head - also feels my ears need to pop, pressure behind eyes so want to close them. Our brains are no doubt still healing and adjusting to whats happened. Its fine to ask any question even if its been asked before, sometimes i don't have the concentration to scour the site and someone will always have an answer or point you in the right direction Take care, Love Juliette x
  13. Was at the Gym yesterday, ran slightly slower to keep my heart rate down and had no sign of the pulsating. Wasn't as hot as last time though so...... Will slowly build up speed again and see what happens. Juliette x
  14. I lost the vision in my right eye (only see shadows and colour in 10% of eye) during coiling. Each case is different, but I was okayed quite quickly by the DVLA to drive after my Drs sent them paperwork saying my left eye meets the driving standards (In fact I received a letter from them saying I was ok to drive until they made a decision before any paperwork from Dr!!). You get used to it, just needs to turn a little more when checking blind spot. It does take time to adjust and build up your confidence, but you'll get there I wasn't given any information on bus passes, but I think it might be that you can have one if they take your driving license off you for medical reasons?? Hope all goes well at your appointment Take care Juliette xx
  15. Isn't it strange how differently the DVLA review & respond to each case??! I only have single vision after losing the sight in my right eye during coiling. When I informed the DVLA, the sent me a letter very quickly to say I can continue to drive until they make the decision!! I didn't drive for a few months after my SAH because I didn't feel ready, and then only did very short journeys (5 minutes) with another adult in the car until I was confident enough. I didn't realise how much concentration it actually takes to drive! Was exhausted after first few outings!! Had someone with me when I did a long journey as well to give option to stop if it was too much for me & didn't drive in the dark for about a year after the SAH (night vision was bad enough before loss of sight in right eye mind!! ). I eventually received a letter from the DVLA saying I would have short term medical license (reviewed every 3 years), followed by one a few days later saying sorry for they mistake, actually no restrictions just do the usual picture change every 10 years. Each person feels differently, but you'll know when you're ready to drive again. Just take it slowly, Hope you find out soon, Take care Juliette xx
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