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Dry needling

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Hello guys.

Just wondering if any of you folk have had dry needling done.

Will be getting it in a weeks time for my claw/hammer toes brought on after footdrop, as the physio and podiatrist recommend it and if it fails its surgery.

Four piggys to brake, steel pins inserted and big piggy to be realigned, so hoping it works but have my doubts after all the physios and orthodontics I've tried lol

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Went great oh no actually it didn't go great as it didn't happen, yet lol

I see that many doctors now that I sometimes think they are confused let alone me, but the jest of it is that the physio does the dry needling but as I'm being transferred to the spasticity clinic because the physio can do no more they think it will be better if I get it done there.

Spoke to the physio about it and he says its similar to acupuncture only the needles are longer and go right into the muscle pressure points to try and relive some of the tension in them, and that its not sore and most people find it relaxing as the muscles release a bit.

It apparently has mixed results and will probably not be much use to me now as my toes are rigid meaning they have welded in a certain position and now won't move, but the surgery is so invasive with such a long recovery time and is not guaranteed to work that they will try anything first.

At the minute my two small toes are clawed and rigid, the next two are hammered with slight flex and the big toe is lifting up pulling sidewards into the others which really puts a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot which gets quite raw, the foot muscles are so tight that my leg muscles are going spastic which makes me walk like a clown hehehe.

All in all can be quite sore and on a bad day my foot and ankle swells up so much I can't wear my shoe (get some strange looks walking around in your slippers lol) and the whole foot gets so tense/tight that it feels like a sledgehammer that could knock down walls.

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Hi Again Desy,

Hope all goes well as it sounds very painful.

I asked someone how I could get foot moving again, he suggested doing alphabet with feet ??

I did that and it helped a little and I am a little more mobile apart from backache.

Keep your spirits high and Wiggle those tootsies, that's an order.

Good Luck Desy


WinB143 xx xx

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