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Fits, twitches, convulsions, spasms and breakdancing :)

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Just to continue on the thread I took of topic (hmmm that don't make sense does it lol)

Still in hospital guys still waiting on my scan, word of wisdom, never get sick on a weekend especially a bank holiday one.

Been seen by a few doctors who think it's a build up of adrenalin due to the constant anxiety attacks and if I'm right in thinking its a common enough side affect for SAH folk, one guy on here described it as "every morning I awake panicking thinking the world is about to end, while I know its not I still get the butterflies, sweats, nuesea, shakes and fear" that's me to some mornings and almost everyday all day, like having a very level headed guys head on a nervous wrecks body.

Due to the constant fear my body keeps producing adrenalin due to the fight or flight predecessor rule and my normal activities I'm wil never burn it off so it stores up, but it your body can only take so much before it busts and that makes me fit and its bad looking my feet can lift of a bed a good few feet my arms fly in the air and my body just shakes, twists, bounces and contorts but I'm concise and can say one or two words like ok yes.

Had three on Thursday night at home two in hospital on Friday night, none yesterday and one minor one today,they vary in degree of severity today's be minor, lots of small jerks and fast shakes to the one on Friday which was really really bad, was really glad the two nurses who stood over me seen it as they can tell the doctor just how bad they can get.

So there will be no scan tomorrow due to the bank holiday so will be done Tuesday and then out after the results which I don't know if are done there and then are take a day or so which might be the case as it says on my med notes, cat scan and neuro appointment.

Any how's going to search this forum for the guys who suffer from anxiety attacks to see what they do done, will up date after scan.

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Hi Desy,

Wow, you are going through a lot. I just told a friend of mine that I never wake up feeling good. I am full of anxiety and my stomach is always queasy and I am a little shaky. That might be my low blood pressure though. Of course the dull headache creeps in too. I understand that flighting feeling of dread. I literally have to take a shower to feel alive and get myself moving every day. I do hope the drs get this under control for you.


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Glad you can at least laugh about it, Desy. So sorry to have this going on. Very frightening, but the adrenaline thing sounds very reasonable. I hope they find answers and you can rest easy. It's not good for the pituitary gland to be on such high alert all the time.

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I'm free :) got released today phew, that was one boring weekend I can tell ya, and the results of the tests, ack sure ya's knew already, I'm crackers, radio rental boogaloo hehehe.

Nah seriously, the scan came back good just a bit of scaring around the anyeurysm site but no obvious signs of epilepsy :) but the nurses witnessed two fits and one of the worst ones I had and spoke to the docs about them and how they play out.

They said I have non epileptic seizures and have prescribed 300mg of epilum chorno which I can't say I'm looking forward to as some of the possible side effects, I value what little hair I have lol and are arranging sessions with a physiologist and psychotherapist :o as a lot of it is related to stress and anxiety, first I knew I was stressed lol jezz have my moments like us all but to make me fit like a man possessed, strange I say.

Anyways will see how the next few weeks plan out as I've had plenty of big jerks but no fits in two days.

For those like me who are wondering what it is, don't just google it go on you tube and search 'non epileptic seizures' and you will see just how bad it can be.

There is one good point and that is I know when they are coming as my breathing gets faster, vision distorts, jerks become bigger and more frequent, i get pins and needles and panic sets in so I can take my self off side and lie down then ride it out.

While I am conscious and can respond I hate when anyone speaks to me as I have to go deep into myself and fight it and its hard let alone weird but after five of them I caught and fought one of yesterday, I left instructions not to be spoke to or distracted while it happend to see if I can deal with it as I won't always have some on around me and I did it was not as long nor as severe, bit like putting a leash on it and using the energy up in a differnt way like fast small shakes rather than long large jerks/jumps which hurt you after it.

After it I laugh, smile or grin usually due to being nervous then maybe a few tears then just lie there zoned out for a while.

See told I was nuts :o poor shirnk won't know what hit him and will probably end up committing himself after a session with me lol

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Scary I know but you can overcome it, make sure medication is correct ie enough.

When I came out of hospital they put me on lower dosage pills. I saw doc who sent me to Specialist and

he upped the dosage. I do not like taking higher but if needs must??

When I had my daughter I went into fitting and my hand shot up in air and I was fighting it by holding a nurses

hair, poor thing.

After having SAH my fits became stronger and more of them.

We can overcome this xx

Keep Happy pal

Good luck and no stress when possible. easily said than done xx

WinB143 xx

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