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I hate the chiropractor. Just basically do not like them never have and do not think I ever will. I had my back worked in maybe 9 months ago for likes 6 weeks.......was better but I cannot relax in that enviroment to have it worth my while. I think I pulled a muscle in my side in yoga ( geez how pathetic is that?).

I do get regular massages after the surgeon gave me the go ahead but still could not let her do my neck for a long time, the dissection freaked me out and I had such a sensitive neck to begin with.

I am ready to do accupunture on my lower back and put it on my credit card as it worked really well about 10 years ago on my bursitis/ tenditis shoulder. I have had a lower back issue for months now and it is inflammed and I cannot take NSAIDS. It cured my shoulder or maybe not cured but cure my chronic inflammation and daily pain from a particle tear I have.

There you go - Hope this helps.


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Ps I also have a book "complete reflexology for life" by Barbara & Kevin Kunz. I use this book on areas maybe 2 times a week and find it very helpful. As does meditation and light stretches. I do not meditate well but I try to do my best and it goes help me relax areas that need it.

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Sorry for delay Jessica,

I just read your story it moved me to tears, what's new nowdays.

The acupuncture helped a little, but I still can't walk a long way approx. 60 to 100 metres tops.

Doc was supposed to get me help, got fed up with waiting so I went private.

Hope you are doing better.

Be Well

WinB143 xx

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Hi all ~

The reason I asked about chiropractic, is because it was the only thing that stopped my headache. Once I started seeing a good chiropractor, several of the lingering issues , went away. I honestly believe that a little sublaxation goes a long way , in nerve transmission to and from the brain. Plus it helps the spinal fluid, move with ease.

I do not know anything about chiropractic over the pond, but here it has been a Godsend. Just some friendly advice, and hope that it will help.

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I have a friend that goes to one every 2 weeks. She hasn't been sick in about 5 years.

I also noticed that people in my yoga class are rarely sick. I began to wonder if it wasn't all the spinal twisting we do and how that might be similar to manipulations in chiropractic medicine? I haven't personally been to one, but I would try one if I thought it might help with something I needed help with. Right now, I think I am doing well with the yoga.


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