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Hello all

It's Saturday night and we're watching Johnny English with Rowan Atkinson. I would NEVER have found this particularly funny before, probably at best mildly amusing, but I am laughing out loud and really finding it hilarious. Does anyone else find their sense of humour has changed?

Sarah xx

ps - Panto season looming..........oh yes it is......my ex-husband used to do a lot of pantos and I loathed them - but will this year be any different?????

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Hello Sarah

I also watched Johnny English last night and found it hilarious and am not really a big fan of Rowan Atkinson either.

Maybe the sense of humour does change after but its the first time I've actually noticed though.

Thanks for raising it I probabaly wouldn't have even considered the issue otherwise.


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My sense of humour hasn't really changed, but one night just after my first year post SAH I was watching Bruce Almighty. Jim Carey has never really been my idea of "funny" but his rival for a job had a scene that made me almost wetting myself.

After the film I looked over at Sarah (my wife) and she was crying, because apparently that was the first time I had laughed since the SAH. Humour is important because although I hadn't "laughed out loud" I was still enjoying comedy but maybe not expressing it very well. I have found tho I can watch films over and over again without detracting from my enjoyment of it. A "talent" I wish I'd had while my boys were younger and watching the same tape of "Thomas the Tank Engine" over and over and over again. The video eventually wore out much to my delight, but I came home from work one day to find Sarah and the boys watching a new copy she'd purchased that day!


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Don't think my sense of humour has really changed but my laugh definitely has. Before I was sort of he he he giggle giggle, now it is full blown roaring and snorting :oops: ! My mum's family does have a very enthusiastic laugh, think I've now joined the gang. Apparently was prone to a tiny bit of snorting before but now am at percy pig propportions. :lol:

Aine xox

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