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BBC South Today - Headway Film

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Please find the link that will enable you to access the Headway Film made by patients from the Headway group...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/southtoday/content ... ture.shtml

The frank and moving film features people from the group talking about how their lives changed after their injuries.

People like John Tarrant, who crashed a motorbike at 130 miles an hour on a racetrack in Wales and the bike behind him ran over his neck.

The film is being used by neuro psychologists, for training and it could soon go into schools to show children just what can happen if you get a bad head injury.

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This is the Headway group that I went to, and I know many of the people in this film many of them I class as friends. Headway helped me a lot in the medium term, I learnt the benefits of being around people who knew brain injury and understand the consequences. They also helped me in the maze that is NHS services and made sure that I received the best quality care. If anyone has the chance to attend their local Headway it could be one of the major parts of your recovery so give it a go.


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Thanks for the link, Karen. I will go and have a look.

I contacted Headway, in my research to try to help others and get involved.

I haven't gone to a Headway meeting..although they did send me through some details. They hold meetings and play games etc and have chats about things.. that some may enjoy. They also (in my local group) meet up for walks/meals/cinema .. nights out.. etc.

SO for some, Headway would be a great thing and get people involved with others that have gone through the same as you.

I feel, apart from this wonderful forum, if people want to get support and meet other people, in similar/same situations..then Headway would be a wonderful place to go to and be involved in.

L x

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