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5 Months on

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Well it is 5 months since my SAH and I can finally see that I am making a bit of progress :)

Last saturday I went out for dinner with my husband to my son's house to meet his future in-laws. I managed 3 hours until the voices became just noise and I was slipping into a horizontal position on the sofa! I enjoyed the evening very much.

I still forget things, get confused and ( my big problem) can't sleep well but I am coping better and not so scared.

Next Sunday is my first MRA scan so hopefully the results will be good :)

I still visit this board most days and gain a lot of strength from you all. Thankyou

PS. Blonidie I like the boots! :D

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Hi Vivien,

I'm not sure whether this is of comfort to you or not....but, you sound pretty normal in the terms of SAH recovery and dealing with noise, conversation and trying to keep your eyes open, as well as trying to keep your mind focused.....it's not an easy task is it? Feeling scared is also normal, but with time, it definetly gets easier and it doesn't dominate your every waking second. Just believe that you'll get there in the end....

Everything does get better and easier with time and I don't think that there's a quick fix .... I still can't tolerate too much noise, especially in a busy environment or if I'm experiencing some fatigue. The main thing is to keep your spirits up and enjoy what you can, even if you can't enjoy it for a long as you would like! :) Everything that you can achieve is a bonus and another step forward, so well done! :D You kind of learn to adjust to the way you are now and accept the limitations.

Good luck with your MRA and I will keep everything crossed for you....hope that you will let us know how it goes.

Glad that you've found the website helpful and that it's given you strength ..... most of us on here are living proof that it doesn't matter how slow your recovery is, we've all managed to move forward at our own pace. There's no question that I've faced some tough times during the last two years, but on the whole, with good support and a sense of humour, you can get through them.

Take care .....

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Hi Vivien

I agree with what Karen says I'm nearly a year on now and it definitely does get better with time. Its just remembering to pace myself more that can be a problem. Its so tempting to try to forget and overdo things but your body soon lets you know when you attempt too much.

Good luck with the MRA next week let us know how you get on.

Janet x

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Hi Janet,

You are so right and remembering to pace yourself etc ... I think that you have to remember to do what's good for you and good friends and family will realise when you've had enough ..... I've been blessed with great friends and they can see when I start to switch off .... :) I'm not sure whether my family still understand 100%, but hopefully I shall get there.... :)

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Hey Vivian! Thanks, as you know, I'm unlikely to pass on the opportunity to mention my boots... ;)

I think Karen and Janet have given great advice (I'd expect no less, tbh) I'm almost 3yrs post SAH now, and I feel great most of the time. I still have to pace myself - I know if I have a really long day then I might need to take it a bit easy for a couple of days.

Like Karen, I think you sound pretty normal. Good luck with the MRA.


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