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Article: Cholesterol drugs may raise brain hemorrhage risk

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Another article with a bit more info here:


The paragraphs that worry me are:

Based on these findings, patients who have had a hemorrhagic stroke should not receive a statin to lower cholesterol, Goldstein said. "Having had a brain hemorrhage within the prior one to six months, one should be very cautious about starting a patient on a statin,"

and .....

One expert agreed that patients who have had a hemorrhagic stroke should probably not be given statins.
:shock: :shock:



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they gave me those when I was in hospital but I stopped taking them when I got home ,don't know why I was given them in the first place as my chlestrol was fine?


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Robert, who works with the pharma industry and knows a lot about drugs and their side-effects, is extremely anti-statin and when I got my high cholesterol reading was cautious in the extreme. On investigation it turns out to be a genetic thing (all my family have it to no obvious ill effect) but I do try to keep on the side of the angels, food-wise. After reading your posts, Keith, I'm even more convinced to give statins a miss.

PS can you remind me where those questions are that you suggested for us when visiting our consultants (if I ever get to see mine).

Thanks Jxx

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