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Guest Haris Jalaludin

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Guest Haris Jalaludin

My partner is still in a hospital after an SAH.

His angeo test is negative. Does this means it heals itself or will it occur again. I know his SAH is fairly recent but the symptom that he has now is very poor of short term memory and confusion. He also complaining pain in his lower back. Does this a side effect from his attack?

Appreciate your help and thanking you in advance.


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Hi Haris,

The pain in the lower back is caused by the blood from the bleed, draining out through the spinal cord and being reabsorbed back into the body. The blood causes irritation to the nerve endings and hence the back pain. The pain will get easier, but I must admit that at first, I found the back pain excruciating. It took a few months for the pain to completely go, but it was definetly v.bad in the first couple of weeks.

The outcome from a SAH, where the cause hasn't been found, usually has a good recovery rate. We've a few members on this website, where no cause has been found.

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