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Disability Living Allowance

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Guest troopersway

I was awarded DLA Mobility and Care in Sept 07 after a year long appeal process. This is mainly due to my primary condition, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but the SAH has made a difference. I have such a rare condition teh DWP were quick to reject my claim but I perserved and gathered as much evidence as I could which helps and get this before you apply to save dissapointment or the need to go to appeal. I went to appeal but they adjourned and the panel wanted a medical examination. I had this early August and was waiting for the next appeal hearing when I had a SAH.

When out of hospital I phoned the Tribunal service and DWP and explained that I had a SAH and would be asking for the appeal to be postponed as I was not fit to attend.

Then to my surprise I had a letter to say the Tribunal had considered the new evidence and awarded me DLA, backdated! They even rang me at home to see if my care needs had increased (I get lowest rate)! It seems the SAH had made a difference to their decison.

What I would say is that if you beleive your entitled, fight your case. Get all teh evidence you can, even if you download info, send it along. Tell it like it is, and go on your "Bad Days" as the example. You need to make sure you put in the help you need or would need within the boxes.

I can not write for long so I completed on line, you can print it off and send it or submit electronically but make sure you save what you do as you go along, I lost mine several times!

I am happy to advise on appeals and other aspects if you like having experienced it. I know I have a secondary conditon but without the ailments of my EDS I beleive that how I am now with my SAH and TIA syptoms I would have a good case to apply.

Good luck


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Hi Laura,

I know those DLA forms can seem daunting, but its something you have to do.

The only advice I can give is that when completing the parts that ask you how you are physically, always answer how you are on your worse days.

I applied for DLA while I was still in hospital ( on the rehab ward it was something everybody did). My hospital stay in total was six months and I finally got the rejection letter about four months later.

Good news though, my daughter was working (DLA is not means tested) with a lady who was in reciept of DLA and told her my application had been declined. The lady kindly offered to help my daughter complete the form on my behalf. So..... nearly four years after my SAH I was awarded DLA at the highest rate for mobility and the middle rate for care indefinately.

I'm a volunteer at Different Strokes, I didn't manage to get back to my previous employment. We do have some very useful "benefits" info. You can as Karen says, download it from the website, or ring the helpline on 0845 130 7172 (office hours) and we'll pop one in the post to you.

I hope this is useful!!!

All The Best

Julie C

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