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Hi all, I'm new ?


I'm am after some advice/ experiences with the dvla and taking your C1 licence.


My husband was diagnosed with avm's over 15 years ago, discovered after he a few night seizures. It was decided that they should be left alone and he is on Epilim and they have controlled the seizures. He's been fit for free for 15 years! 


3 years ago I badgered him into going back to see his consultant to see if any more could be done as quite a few years had passed and technology moves on. He wasn't having any symptoms we were trying to get life insurance so wondered how things were.


He had a mri and they found a small aneurysm. Just over the threshold to be coiled, so that's what he did. All went well.


He now wants to do his C1 licence, this requires a medical.does anyone have any idea if he would pass? I've confused myself with all the info on the DVLA website. Just wondered if there were any C1 drivers out there that might be able to help?


Thanks for reading ?

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Had an AVM two years ago. 18 months to regain my revoked licence, but they removed my entitlement to C1 and D1, due to my ending up on a drain for 10 days when in hospital.

No seizures or any adverse symptoms at all, so if no drains or shunts. I'll keep fingers crossed for you.



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