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  1. Hi there. Mine was an AVM two and a half years ago. Incredably, incredably lucky with the outcome. However I felt very fit after a couple of months except for the fatigue and sleep disruption, which took about a year to settle down. Until I got used to being well again, every headache was a 'oh no, here we go again', and once pulled a muscle in my neck, right near my AVM pain. One of the hardest things was to tell my wife, being hugely aware of what I'd put her through only a few months before. Fortunately retired so return to work not an issue. I would have really struggled with the fatigue, and also from much stronger emotions -I cry at the drop of a hat - and anxiety that I still carry. I knew I'd been unlucky, but then so, so much luckier in recovery, and we just had to be very patient. Keep talking to each other to go over and share all the fears Clive
  2. Had an AVM two years ago. 18 months to regain my revoked licence, but they removed my entitlement to C1 and D1, due to my ending up on a drain for 10 days when in hospital. No seizures or any adverse symptoms at all, so if no drains or shunts. I'll keep fingers crossed for you. Clive
  3. Just got on a train and.... 1 - Suddenly feeling 'spaced out', weak and very distant 2- Clammy, shaky 3- Sweaty4 4 - Reduced peripheral vision (or awareness) 5 - Stiff neck - felt like spikes being pushed into the rear base of my skull We got off train next station and phoned 999 suggesting it was like a heart attack, but pain in the back of the neck not the chest (its not always in the chest). Paramedic did ecg and all OK, but suggested a badly pulled neck muscle. However when in hospital I was quickly CT scanned which showed the bleed. Thankfully someone at the hospital or in the ambulance had obviously come across it before to know the signs and act quickly otherwise it might have been two paracetamol and sent home! 9 months after successful treatment intense pain in similar part of neck for several minutes, then eased off when cycling hard up a hill - that was a pulled muscle - scary, though!
  4. Just got it back last week after 15+ months. Very frustrating period - especially for my wife. Long time due to ending up on a drain after the initial operation, requiring statutory 6 months revocation of licence prior to reapplying, then it was 9+ months since application went in. I contacted a solicitor who deals with DVLA issues and was told that DVLA were doing nothing wrong and that I was doing all that they could (phoning for progress every 2-3 weeks), but DVLA are just pitifully, pitifully slow, and they are dealing with 20,000 cases. Lost the C1 and D1 entitlements - I can reapply for these after 10 years symptom free(!) I used to drive minibuses occasionally, so a small sense of loss, especially as I was told that after the AVM (fistula) repair, I was at no greater risk of re-occurrence than anyone else. When clinicians tell you to get back on with your life, DVLA's bureaucracy just cuts across this, and DVLA doesn't seem to realise the final symbolism of freedom from the condition that they are denying with their bureaucratic delays - every answer of "up to nine weeks, or more" is just a further slap. Following the Glasgow bin wagon tragedy, I fully support DVLA being thorough - but not being just slow when they are dealing with people's futures. I was told only way to fast-track a decision would be if I was at imminent danger of losing my livelihood if I had no licence. Good luck to all waiting in the system
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