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I'm going to Greece in July and need to get travel insurance. How long after SAH do you need to declare it? I've got to be careful anyway because of my undiagnosed chest complaint and my headaches etc. Does anyone suggest a company they have used? Last year I used flexicover direct.

I am not going to buy insurance till i've seen the chest consultant on Wednesday but appreciate any advice.




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Guest Tracey

Hi Laura

Ihavent been on the forum for a long long time due to moving house then no internet access etc, however thats another story. I was told that I will need to declare SAH to travel insurers forever. We recently booked to go to America which Im told would be worse than anywhere in europe for increased premiums.I however only had to pay £9.25 extra this was through First Choice who we booked the holiday with. My SAH was 2 years ago but they didnt even ask when it was which I thought a bit strange but I wasnt complaining. So going by this I dont think you should have too much of a problem.

Good Luck


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