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Holiday insurance

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Hi all.
Just wondering where people get their travel insurance from?

We've booked to go to Florida in September and obviously want to make sure I'm properly covered. Problem is, I don't really have any information on my SAH, where it was, how big it was, whether there are any more aneurisms. I know absolutely nothing.

Will my GP have this information? And will he give it to me if I ask?

I don't know if I would even need any of this, but I want to be able to give them all the details they need.

I have had a few quotes and between my daughter and myself the insurance is really expensive, so wondering if anyone on here can recommend a company that may be relatively reasonable....

Thanks all.

Deb. x

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Hi Deb

I have used Staysure a few times but last year they really hiked their premium for the same cover and I used Insure&go for a trip last year who were very helpful.


its important to declare the SAH but typically if you have had no overnight stays or interventions, then you should be fine. Different countries can be more expensive than others so Spain I understand is quite pricy insurance wise or so I have been told. 


My insurance hikes up because cause I have a shunt and hydrocephalus and another aneurism so I would just say get the details of your SAH from your GP, and yes they will provide it, possibly get a declaration that you are fit to travel if the SAH was quite recently , less than 6 months and then start the ringing around and I would ring as otherwise you end up filling it all online for quotes and then you get the ' we have no cover' ..so my advice .find a few you like the look of and then ring them before you book anything, 



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Thanks for reply Daff.

Well I was in hospital for 3 weeks, coils fitted, numerous CT scans and LP's  but that's the extent of my knowledge really. All I know is the bleed was the ride side of my head behind my ear.

I'll go to GP and see if I can get any more info I might need.

I don't think I have the patience to fill out forms online these days, so will ring around.

Thank you :) 

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Very useful - thank you. Am hoping to book my first trip abroad in 3 years this year. I know with my heart condition, hydrocephalus, shunt and spine issues that my travel insurance will be pricey so it is useful to know of some companies that do still cover you with existing conditions.

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I went to Canada for 20 days in the summer and got medical insurance, didn't have an aneurysm, I had a perimesencephalic haemorrhage, (no known cause and chances of another are the same as everyone else).  I am still under the consultant for reviews.


I went to an insurance broker and he took all my information and he got cover.  I was mainly concerned with medical cover and not bothered about cover for loss of goods.  I go to my mother's in Canada so didn't need to worry about staying in hotels and travelling around.  My cover if I remember was something like £180.  


I am heading back in February for 6 to 8 weeks so I am really going to have to hunt around for that length of time.  If you find any good companies Deb can you mention on here, if we are allowed.  I may do some phoning around this time.  I always used to have a yearly insurance due to always travelling to Canada but that company couldn't cover me.  I only used to pay £120 for the year before the bleed.


I mentioned to my consultant, I said I went into hospital with a headache came out with paracetamol and now my travel insurance has tripled.  It was the consultant who said to see a broker and take his letter with me to the agent, he always sends me a copy of the letter he sends to the GP.


I am very fortunate to have someone who sees my side of things.  His main concern of me travelling far was more me getting very tired.  He always said tiredness and lethargy were the two things that could linger and that most people only return to 95% of their former self.  (Think I am there).





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