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Bleeding disorders, autoimmune and SAH

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Hi there,


I'm just wondering if anyone on this site has a bleeding disorder and was told it may have been a contributing factor to your SAH.  I have a platlet aggregate disorder where my platlets apparently do do want to do their job and clot properly so every time I have a surgery or procedure I have to have DDAVP intravenously to help my blood to clot.  I've never had a bleeding issue in my life so this was randomly found years ago when I was diagnosed with Rhumatoid Arthritis.  I'm also wondering if anyone has an autoimmune disorder as well.  My doctor tells me I am at higher risk 3% as opposed to the normal 1% because of the bleeding disorder.  I'm wondering if anyone can relate.




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Hi Kristen,


I can't answer your question on this occasion and I notice nobody else has answered as  yet.


What I would suggest to you is that you click on any of the forum discussion topics on the left of the forums page ie "Subarachnoid haemorrhage/stroke discussion" and then enter a key word or phrase into the search box to the right of the yellow toolbar near the grey Q  press search and see what comes up.  Then do the same for each of the topics you think may be relevant.  It maybe someone has raised your issue before, but I can't guarantee it.. But it's worth a look!


Hope you find what you're looking for!



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