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My husband had a PMSAH at the end of December 2016.  Three weeks after the event, he developed tinnitus that has become completely debilitating.  What have others with tinnitus found to be effective in reducing (or, ideally) eliminating the tinnitus?  My husband has tried acupuncture, chiropractor, diet changes, and hearing aids.  The hearing aids made it worse, has anyone else experienced that?  He's only had them for two weeks but wants to stop wearing them because they only seem to make everything worse.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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Hello Amy, and a warm welcome to BTG.


You will find much helpful information here from members who have shared their post SAH experiences in the various forums.


Sorry to hear that your husband is really struggling with tinnitus. It must be so debilitating to be unable to get any respite.


Please key `tinnitus`  in our search facility at the top right of the home page. There are already some useful comments available.


Also please continue to give us your comments on your husband`s progress and our members will make every effort to answer any questions you have.


Please feel free to share what happened to your husband back in December in our Introduce Yourself Forum on the Forums page.


Take care




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Hi there, I found wearing noise reducing ear plugs helped me make the adjustments to noise and background noise and chatter that I needed.  I found if I went anywhere where the noise level was high either frequency or sound volumes then my tinnitus would increase  and my balance would go, the two seemed hand in hand.


i think there is no one easy way to resolve and the root cause is probably the bleed so maybe listen to the fact that the Tinnitus may br a sign he is was asking a little much of the brain maybe a little too soon , maybe strip  it all back to basics and build it up again if that is possible? Cut out some exposure to multiple background noises, wear noise reducing earplugs for public outings and figure  out what triggers the tinnitus to ramp up or down. It took a good year for my sensitivity to sound to improve enough that I didn't take ear plugs , now I still carry them with me always but only wear them in very Loud situations. 


its not an easy one, I have a low level hum like interference on an old TV set with me constantly and for the most part I don't notice it now unless I pay it attention but if the volume goes up I know I have asked a bit too much in that moment and have to dial down a notch or two. 


I Think about it like this, the brains ability to process all the constant sound level and waves it hears is maybe compromised a bit, and so it basically tries to block that out with more sound.  It's just my theory. Try concentration techniques of just listening to one thing at a time and paying attention to that tuning out Everything else. I found that by toning up my 'mono'tasking abilityand not letting the other become a distraction means my tinnitus is less loud . 


If all all else fails go and sit by the sea, the sound of the waves on their own create a rhythm which lets you relax and stop focussing  on your own brain wave noise. 


So no easy fix, sorry. 

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