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Mini Strokes after NA-SAH???

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Hi Everyone~ I joined here 4 years ago after my SAH. Since then, I've had a series of mini-strokes and at least 2 "big" ones. The most recent was just this last month. It's so frustrating. They can never find a real cause. I know when they happen 3 things are generally true: 1) I have a migraine bad enough for my oxy and or Fiorcet about a week before; 2) I am under an abnormal amount of stress; and 3) I am taking prednisone at the time.    My heart is good and my last cerebral angiogram was clear and I was released  from future angiograms and MRI follow-ups to my NA-SAH on the 4 year anniversary.   I am curious if these brain vacations or strange brain spasms are just part of the landscape now and others have experienced the same. 


Also, has anyone experienced white matter changes since their SAH? Apparently last week's CAT scan my brain is aging faster than my age. I may have the skin of a 30 year old (I'm 51) but the brain of a 85 year old! LOL

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Sorry Susan  I cannot help but perhaps someone who has had  TIA's /mini strokes can help.


Wishing you all the best and lets hope they find out what is causing them x 


Loved your skin comment 


From an old wrinkly xxxx 


Good luck 

Win xxxx



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