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Personal Independent Payment Information

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Some people may be having issues with their benefits and being denied them or had them reduced. Especially those transferring from Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Sometime The Department For Work and Pensions  (DWP) get it very wrong. You can find some case law and some great information by following this link >> https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/selected-upper-tribunal-decisions-april-2017-march-2018#Employment


Although the transition should be smooth sometimes it isn't and you may need to know where to look to see how others have won appeals at all levels.


The DWP commissioned Ipsos MORI to quantitative and qualitative research with PIP claimants designed to give an in-depth understanding of claimants’ experiences of the various stages of the PIP process.. The new interim report presents headline findings from the quantitative strand comprising of 1,203 telephone interviews with claimants during February 2017 that focused on the assessment and decision stage of the PIP process


Now I have been helping some with their forms and appeals at all levels for a few years now and can see some may need to know how to get what they are entitled to receive..

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I was very lucky with the changeover from DLA to PIP. I had a very fair assessor who gave a 99% accurate report. Decision maker agreed and my award stayed the same for the maximum of 10 years.

Claimants who are being transferred from DLA to PIP must be aware that the criteria for PIP is very different to that of the now defunct DLA.

Online one tends only to see the negative results rather than the positive outcomes.  


May I ask, Delta157, if you have ever worked for/ volunteered with CAB?

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A few years ago I was offered the chance to work for the CAB I had to decline because they have set rules about how they operate. They don't do as thorough job as I do.


I can only deal with one or two people at a time, sometimes just one due to the very heavy content that I study too. 


I have also have the responsibility of being the vice chair of my Residents Association as well as working very closly with the Police on Borough and ward issues too.. 


I feel things are going well for the moment and that it's very comfortable too..

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