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Can surgery even worsen the condition?

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I posted here a while back about difficulty in getting an MRI. I apologize for my being so upset and disorganized previously and greatly appreciate all the feedback and support I received. 


I am finally getting an MRI in two days. My alleged bleed wasn't something that produced obvious symptoms outwardly speaking that a doctor could see- which is why moving forward with this process had been previously so difficult. I am finally getting an MRI and in the case they they do deem it a medical emergency- being that I've lived this way so long (5 years) my only concern would be that surgery would make it worse. 


What are the odds of brain damage worsening due to surgery? If I am rushed off to the hospital- what do I need to know? Any tips on how to make the best of the situation etc etc. Obviously I'd want to know that whoever operating on me was a good doctor. Do I have a choice in that situation? 



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Hi Zac,


I think that you need to take a list of questions with you and hand them over.


There's always a risk with any surgery, irrespective of it being brain surgery.


I'm sure that the medics would weigh up the risks to you ...... that's their job. They wouldn't put you in a position where it would be worse to operate, rather than leaving a surgical procedure alone.


Nobody can tell you the odds of brain damage ... that's something that you need to ask your medical team.


I wish you well. x

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