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Hot patches/zones in the thigh!!

Guest Phil Price

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Guest Phil Price

Hi - this is an open question to all members. I have a question for you.

Do any of you guys ever experience a sensation of 'hot zones' or 'hot patches' in the thigh(s)???

I know I have experienced this and just wanted to know if I am along or anyone else is the same!!

Just looking for some assurance that this can be considered 'normal' for us guys.

Many thanks for your honest replies. Cheers, Phil P.

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Not one of the things I have noticed Phil, I have to say, but I wonder if it is because your nervous system ( brain in particular) is fighting to recover and is in fact healing, I know this can set off very unusual sensations, I hope it isn't too uncomfortable and that you find out what is going on :)

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Hi Phil

I often get a numbness and tingling on the outer side of my right thigh which I never got before. It feels cold rather than hot, probably due to the numbness. I did mention it to my GP, but he's never found the cause, so I don't know whether it's due to SAH or not. I would suspect it is though, as it's only been happening since SAH.



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