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One year anniversary after SAH

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Got results of year MRI, saying that coiled aneurysm has a small gap at the bottom!! ( I enquired by telephone as was becoming anxious to know still to have official notification) told That I will have a scan again in a year rather than 2 years.  Has anyone encountered this, and what was outcome. How big does gap have to be before they will put more coils In???

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Hi there, 


Its not uncommon , they will monitor the coiling and in some cases I think members have had extra coils placed where the coiling has impacted. I am not sure the thresholds to do this but they should be able to answer that for you. 


I have a neck on my aneurysm because of where it is situated between the dissection point of two arteries which means they can’t overfill it and also have another small one so I was scanned annually for the first four years and now am scanned every two years. ‘No significant change’ is my goal each time and I’m even used to the MRI sounds now. Still hate the head mask though. I have been told in my case they would have to stent if they felt further intervention was needed.


Happy Anniversary, 1 year out is a good feeling. 

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Mine has been like that since the start. I had scans at 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and now they've said not to come back until 48 months. Sometimes they settle or change shape so it means an extra coil could be put in. My has changed slightly but not enough and clearly they're not worried given they didn't want to see me for my 3rd year scan.


My understanding is that most changes happen fairly early after coiling so it is probably just the coils compacting a little and settling in their place. A scan every year sounds like a good level of monitoring as if there's any additional changes then they should see it before anything untoward might happen. 

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