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found my surgeon on a website!

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Hi All,

I was getting sick of hearing my kids and some of my customers keep on telling me about this website called FACEBOOK so i thought if you cant beat em join em and duly checked it out myself? Its a website where its free to join and you can make a profile of yourself and go find old friends or make new ones with strangers!

Anyway after putting about 30 names in the search engine and finding some old friends i hadnt spoke to in ages i put in the name of my surgeon and was very surprised when his name and picture popped up!

I then sent him a little message saying he probably wouldnt remember me but he operated on me twice in 1996 for burst aneurysms and told him that i had had no side effects from my condition and that i had gone on to start playing football again 2 years later and basically hoped he was well and thanked him for everything he had done for me! i sent the message at 7-30pm monday so you can imagine my surprise when he sent me a message back at 8-45am tuesday saying it was amazing that i was the 3rd patient of his to contact him on facebook and that made joining the website all the more worthwhile for him-He went on to say that he did indeed remember me very well and that he remembered me most for when he told me he was going to have to operate i was so dissapointed because i had just bought a new car 7 days earlier and i wasnt going to be able to drive for 6 months( the stupid things that bother us at crucial times eh?).

Anyway i just thought i"d share that with you all and if anybody else was treated in SHEFFIELD HALLAMSHIRE by MR A A KEMENY then im sure he would love to hear from you.

regards-BIG AL.

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Guest Beth1957

LOL big Al, I'm on Facebook too but I never remember to log in there...how lovely of your surgeon to write back, & how nice that he remembers you!

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