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1year post sah

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Hi,  just coming up to 1 year post sah. Improved a lot. Decided to finish work as body cant take it anymore,


Just recently,having a small brain freeze feeling now and again and also strange ticking dripping feeling  in back of my neck and spine. I was wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms, as I thought my brain had completely healed 

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Hi there,


I’ve just passed my one year anniversary and have definitely had a few blips lately, these are being investigated but may just be stress related (job woes). However in the past few days I have also had a return of similar feelings in my head, my brain also feels, I guess for want of a better word, itchy.


A scan in December highlighted a few ‘anomalies’ - and isn’t that a scary word - so I am waiting for a more detailed mri and then neurologist follow up. I will be mentioning these feelings and if I wasn’t already waiting for appointments I know I’d have been going to my gp or calling neurology.


I hope that you have someone to speak to for reassurance and that the sensations stop soon.

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Thank you Sarah.

i was also told i could have an anomaly, but after another scan, they couldn't find anything. so they told me, not to worry. If the strange feelings keep happening, i will contact my gp to make sure.

Hope everything goes well with your scan and thanks again.

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Do not take others worries on as stress can be harmful and I used to bath my head in warm salt water, as my Mum swore by salt water.


It cannot do any harm and perhaps even ease the tingles and itches you get .  So No worries /stress and sing a happy song my answer to all ills  xx


Good luck 

Win xxxx


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