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hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Hi all - my insurance company are pretty keen to see 'progress' re increasing hours at work. I explained that I am also very keen to see improved capacity, but 'suggested' to them its a recovery horse before the work cart situation.


It has been mentioned to me that hyperbaric oxygen therapy or specialist physiotherapy (neuro-cognitive) may be beneficial. I'm open to the ideas (but am also skeptical of approaches that do not have a solid evidence base). Just wondering whether anyone else has come across these before? And what was your experience?


Many thanks!

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Hi Simon


Shame that your insurers are "keen" to see progress!  Do you they think you are enjoying the current journey you're on????


Not heard of this treatment used for brain hem recovery to be honest.  I had cognitive but not in a bid to get me back to work quicker, more for my own peace of mind and sanity.  Can't recall anyone on here having hyperbaric therapy either, but someone may pop up.

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