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Hi all,


I know it's been a while since I posted but I have had the worst time since my SAH last May. I suffered a major heart attack 7 weeks ago and was airlifted to hospital for emergency surgery. I have now faced my own mortality not once but twice and it has left me with some real issues. I am in therapy since my SAH and it helps to a degree with the emotional and physical trauma although having a heart attack as well has left me feeling very 'weird' for want of a better word.  I don't think they are related medically and the doctor is also left scratching his head as to why these things have happened to me.


i just wanted to know if anyone has heard of anyone having a brain heamorrhage AND a heart attack within 8 months of each other, or even at all? Please let know if you have had any experience of this or have any words of wisdom.


with many thanks

MandyB x

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You have been through it and I do not know if anyone on here has heard of it.


Perhaps if they have one will get back to you ..Good luck on both recovery's sounds like you are a fighter.


Keep in there and never give up


All The Best


Win xxxx 

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