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Hi all,



i have been off site site for long time. I thought I didn’t need support but I do ,and nobody else understands the impact my SAH had on my life .It happened Jan 2017. I am really confused as to which exercise I should avoid......if any ? I do yoga four times weekly but when I have to any yoga with head down it worries . I suppose I am anxious again as had MRI at John Radcliffe last week and it bought it back . Any advice gratefully received 

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Hi Rosie :)

Welcome back, we are always here for you if and when you need us xx


Sorry you are feeling anxious and worrying when putting your head down. It's normal to worry sometimes, especially as you are only 2 years on from your SAH and just had an MRI that has bought it all back again. I could not put my head down for a long time, because it hurt and caused a pressure feeling which caused me to be anxious like you.


It does get better, just takes time. Maybe try to avoid the head down exercises for a bit and as Casey says, checking with your Dr would be a good idea. At least then you may get peace of mind and feel less anxious and can hopefully enjoy your yoga classes :)  


Let us know how you get on.

Take care

Tina xx



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Hi Rosie


I echo what Tina and Casey say, if it is of concern have a chat with your GP or neuro nurse specialist. We often get twinges and pains in areas that were affected by our SAH and it automatically brings it all back. Hopefully you will get the results of your MRI soon and they will be positive. 


I still exercise a lot and do worry I do too much but so far so good. Can't say I do yoga though and it is a lot of bending with your head down. Have you thought of trying some other forms of exercise class or even swimming?


Take good care and make sure you keep drinking plenty.


Clare xx

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