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Perception altered in vision

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Since my SAH I have developed blind spots in my eyes. I also seem to have lost some perception of vision. When I look at myself in a mirror I can only focus on either my head or my body even though I can see them. Does anyone else experience this? 

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Not to that degree Jenni, but I do remember soon after my SAH looking out of our first floor bedroom window and swearing blind that I could touch the grass from there - my depth perception was warped more than my perception of vision.


It may be worth taking a trip to the opticians to see if they can enlighten you.

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Good luck with your appointment. I lost top half of visual field from my right eye, the side where the clipping is. They are not sure if it is caused by the SAH, but it is quite a coincidence if it is not.


My symptoms are eye pain and difficulty in adjusting focus and dimmer and blurry vision from my right eye. Ophthalmologist saw a bit of nerve damage. Now they are just keeping an eye on it to see if it improves. 


 I haven’t had my second appointment yet, so not sure if it is getting better. If it is optic nerve neuritis, it might just get better with time.


Good luck! Hope you have your appointment soon. You can get a visual field test from optometrist as well.

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