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Hi, I'm Liz

Liz H.

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Hi, I'm Liz and thrilled to have found BTG. My husband, who suffered a SAH 10 years ago, pointed me in this direction last night. 


I was diagnosed with a 8mm saccural aneurysm on my left ICA after suffering terrible headaches, vertigo episodes, blurry vision and challenges with driving. 


After passing out in the grocery store on 11/6/19, my PCP sent me to the ER, where they told me I was having an allergic reaction to the Indomectrin they had put me on for the terrible headaches. They ordered a CT with contrast and the aneurysm was an incidental finding. They assured me it wasn't causing my symptoms.


A week later, I got so dizzy and blurry before going black while driving with two of my girls in the backseat. It was absolutely terrifying and I'm so grateful I made it to the shoulder of the highway on time. I went back to the ER where they were sure I had Meniere's Disease or vestibular migraines. Two weeks later, and many meds later (including high-dose Prednisone, Celebrex, Klonopin, scopolamine patches, etc.) I finally saw an ENT/Balance Specialist. He was pretty clear that I didn't have Meniere's and thought my symptoms were likely due to the aneurysm.


I went to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Neurosurgery on 12/4 and immediately felt at ease with my surgeon. He showed me the aneurysm and explained that it had a wide neck so he recommended treatment immediately since the lifetime risk of rupture was quite high.  After hearing the ordeal I was going through, he felt that i likely had a small leak/bleed a few weeks ago.


Unfortunately, my surgery isn't until 12/23 and the waiting has been a challenge. But, he assured me the risk of rupture in the next 14 days was extremely low. I'm on restriction (no exertion, caffeine, alcohol, etc.) and need to be on Plavix and ASA for 7 days prior. I'm having my aneurysm coiled and a stent placed. 


I look forward to 'getting to know you all' while reading through your brave stories and look forward to sharing how successful my surgery was after Christmas.

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Hi Liz and welcome.


Quite a scary time for you but at least they are treating you.  Make sure you follow the advice given - I know it can be tempting to carry on doing what is usual for you.


I have two aneurysms coiled - one through bursting (that's how they were found) and one next to it that wasn't.  They coiled both in the procedure through emergency.  


You'll find a wealth of information and advice on here - we cannot advise you medically or recommend medicines, but we can all sympathise and listen.


Hope your op goes smoothly and that you're home in comfort with your family for Christmas xx

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