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NHS Direct- Personality Changes

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Hi Andy and Heather,

I watched the video.

Well done for highlighting this again, you're a lovely, wonderful couple.

This video you have both taken part in, is yet again very helpful in the endeavour to heighten awareness of the changes a Brain Heamorrahage/Stroke can have on a person. By doing this you have shown it in such a powerful way by also showing it from a partners point of view, which I think is and was very important.

Well done to you both x B x

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Wow Andy and Heather, you made a fantastic job of this and I am so glad it is on the NHS web site. What a fantastic couple you are, you both come over so well (and so happy and natural)on screen. You are an inspiration Andy, as a husband, as a non judgemental person and also as a carer. Very well done.


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Great stuff, a truly sobering but very inspiring video and a courageous act for you both to use your experiences to help others. At the same time increasing the awareness that SAH causes brain injury and ain't fixed overnight! You are both inspiring people and please may I offer my congratulations :) Well done indeed and a cracking good video :)

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Hey Andy and Heather

Fantabulous of you both as usual - will never be able to thank you both enough for the awareness that you bring to brain injury through your own experiences.

Take care

Lots of love

Sami xxx

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