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Trouble with Teeth

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Wondering if anyone else has had trouble with pain in their teeth, particularly those like me who didn't need surgical intervention.


21 months ago I took a tumble breaking my arm at the shoulder. I didn't hit my head in the fall. Soon after I developed pain in my teeth as a whole and a subsequent dental assessment and full on x-ray didn't find anything wrong. 


Now I've had the NASAH 7 months ago and having the same teeth pain. I can only describe the pain as waves of contractions and it can be very painful.


I know this site isn't about medical advice, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar.

Kind regards


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Hi Allejam,


Not everything you experience will be down to SAH. If I were you I'd get to the dentist again, things might have changed since the last time but you need experts to diagnose and as you know - we can't do that for you because we are not medically qualified in any area.


I'm not aware of anyone on this site who has experienced this - but why wait, or suffer - go and get it seen to by the people who really do know what they are doing, dental pain is awful and the sooner it is dealt with the better.


(I've never heard of it before, but maybe someone else has).


Then maybe you can tell us what they say about you and your experience??  Is it related to SAH or not, for instance?

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Hi Allejam,

I’m not a med professional, but perhaps it could be nerve - related pain, not the teeth itself but the nerves surrounding them (neuralgia pain). 

I went to several dental professionals who led me back to my neurologist, who diagnosed the pain as trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed the only med that eradicated the pain. 

I hope you feel better soon!! A hot compress in the interim was helpful for me as well. 

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