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Covid vaccine while the blood is not yet completely reabsorbed

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Hello all you wonderful brave hearts, God bless you all.

I'm glad to learn about this forum and I think this is a one stop place for support information.


While I'd like to share my story separately, I'm wondering whether or not  getting the Covid vaccine.

I have had SAH on February 10th of this year and the source of bleeding is not yet known.

The latest CT from yesterday is encouraging with a decrease in size but there's still some blood.

It looks like a scar of 2.1cm X 0.7cm. As per my medical team's notes I hope it settles down soon.


Did anyone had this situation or know about Covid vaccine while there's still some blood present.


Appreciate your comments and insights. 

Thank you,


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Please do get the vaccine. Pfizer and moderna are mRNA vaccines which means they are just proteins. Drink lots of water/ fluids and take Tylenol after the shot. I have two of my patients have hives and dizziness. If you have flu like symptoms, that is just a reaction to be expected. If you don’t get the vaccine, you will probably get the virus. And there is not guarantee if it will be a mild case.


We don’t have AstraZeneca here. It is a shame that Johnson is on hold due to clots. I see many people all the time with clots. Some due to sitting in plane/ car/ train, some due to immobility after surgery/ back pain, some due to hormones, genetic disorders etc etc. I think it is just a coincidence. I have seen one patient this week who had covid again after both Pfizer shots and that is very rare.


Please ask your primary care also but definitely should get the vaccine especially if you have sah. 

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I got my second Moderna shot a couple of days ago. Getting a bit of brain fog, fatigue, and headaches--kind of what I was already experiencing due to the NASAH! The only new thing is my arm hurts. But other than these things, all of which are to be expected, not experiencing any problems. And very relieved to be fully vaccinated.

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