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  1. Thanks for your comment. I had MRI checkup today, see what the doctor tells me on Thursday... Change the way of teaching sounds great and would indeed be a solution, but the fact that classes are so large cannot be changed, students are also less present (mobiles, computers, chat, Facebook all while you try to teach). A lot of them just want to spend time cause they feel too young (18-19) to start working. They feel adult, we cannot force them to listen and work On top of that, since I've been absent for such a long period, I'm given all new subjects to teach = need to study first... And tha
  2. Hi everybody, I'm so glad to have found this! It's so confirming, gives some comfort that you're not alone with all the after SAH problems. Like so many others I've been reading plenty on the internet, but I hardly ever came across what you're offering. On 28th of November 2014 I had a SAH. Like some, I was so lucky that I wasn't alone. I had had a headache for about a week, as if my skull was too small for the brain. But, since a famous headache specialist had told me in April it was all between my ears and most probably stress related I took Ibuprofen, as he had advised me to do so w
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