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  1. Thank you for your post that makes me feel better that it's "normal" for us to feel this way. Stay well!
  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom. It's nice to have people that really understand what you are going through since they have been through it too!! Stay well!
  3. Hi everyone. It's a little over one year from my NASAH. I have good days and bad days but I mostly keep busy and try not to think of the little symptoms I still have. Everyone thinks after one year you are fine but I will always have these things they can't see (constant ringing in ears, metallic taste in mouth, headaches, exhaustion at times, etc. I will be going to my Neurologist in a couple of weeks and I'm curious what if any tests have most of you had at the one year mark? Thank you! Stay well! Katy
  4. Hi. I'm just curious if anyone has had additional CT Scans or MRI's after your NASAH. I had one 6 weeks after but I'm feeling worse now 5 months after and I'm wondering if the Neurologist will want another one. I've heard too many CT Scans aren't good because of the radiation but I'm not sure. Of course I have to ask my Dr. but wondering if it's standard. Thank you! Katy
  5. Thank you everyone. I'm taking it a day at a time and I'm grateful to have this group!
  6. Clare, Thank you for your message. It definitely helps hearing others with similar stories. I will let you know if I have any updates and I'm really happy you are able to run and are doing well. Katy
  7. I'm new this site, I’m Katy, 45 years old. I had NASAH in May of this year 2016. I was out for a run (I’ve been running for years so it was nothing unusual). I was feeling great no warning signs before but about 5 minutes into my run I got the massive neck/head pain. I stopped thinking it was a muscle out of wack and tried to stretch and continue but I was like no way. I was very nauseous and sensitive to light. I walked home and thank God my husband was home and knew something was wrong. I insisted it was a virus or a migraine (but I’ve never had a migraine but these were all the symptoms I’ve heard people describe) something but he took me to the hospital. When the Dr.’s said I had bleeding on my brain I was in shock, I really thought they were going to say it was a migraine and send me home. They found no aneurysm, mild hydrocephalus but I didn’t need brain surgery. Everyone was telling me how lucky I was and I really know that I was. I went home after 10 days in the hospital. I was feeling really great and thankful for having only minor problems (ringing in my ears, some vision problems, tired). I had another CTA 6 weeks after the first and it was negative. I was feeling really great the first 2 months and realized how lucky I was to have gotten to the hospital so quickly. After searching for a neurologist that would see a stroke patient I finally got to see him about 2 ½ months after the bleed. He said I could start running again but ordered a spinal MRI. That came back OK and blood work. My blood work shows maybe Lupus was the cause but I’m waiting to see Rheumatologist in a couple more weeks. I also have some damage to my eye, but go back to the Ophthalmologist in a couple. I’ve been walking since I got home but started jogging again but I’m really weak and can only run a little then walk. I’ve always been someone that would push myself but I don’t want to overdo it now. The last couple of months I just don’t feel myself I get neck and headaches (nothing like the first one), ringing in my ears (which seems to be really bad lately) some tingling in my face and just exhausted, I just started having this metallic taste in my mouth the last few days and foggy feeling and unable to think of what I want to say. I know other people say it’s just getting old but it’s different as most of you know. I’ve never been a hypochondriac but I don’t want to ignore anything if it’s small signs of a rebleed? I just want to know if it’s normal. My husband says its post traumatic stress but I really feel these things. It’s so hard to explain to people. I’m happy I found this site. It’s nice to support people that have had something similar happen to them. Thank you!
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