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  1. hi , this is Jackie I'm also suffering from recurrence of depression/anxiety and Sertraline didn't work, so back on Mirtrazapine. Different drugs work for different people. This depression is taking much longer to sort, especially because of my SAH last year. GP has seen this before in post brain trauma, but does that make me feel better???? Good news is my recent MRI showed no changes, so no more surgery needed. However my visual problems and unsteady gait will remain the same particularly since I've been this way since December. No sign that grey matter is less "puckered" The depresssion is quite exhausting, so I know where you are coming from. I do hope that you start to feel better soon, so take care Jackie
  2. HRT did sound like a good idea but they have to consider that I had breast cancer and it was hormone dependent! Thats why I think they're reluctant to do anything. Anyway I saw GP who gave me an SSRI, to take at night , and I'm also going to see a neuro-radiologist, whose secretary called me this week to arrange!. Apparently need to discuss MDT meet! about my MRI/CT Scans. I feel confused, but feeling more able to cope with total change of life. I think that this has been the hardest part. I can't imagine working as a midwife again, as it all sounds so scary and as I'm slower and more hesitant, I don't think the style would be good for me or safe for women. It's a big adjustment to make, and I'm struggling with those feelings. I do sound so negative, but I can assure you that when I feel "OK" , I am quite loud and boisterous. thank you all for positive comments, very much appreciated regards Jackie
  3. Hi , I am Jackie. I had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage caused by a burst aneurysm at the back of my head, and only really remember the pain! In/out of conciousness, reassured everyone that the surgery could hold off until the morning. Anyway , this was all in May 2016 and after 4 weeks in hospital, including the insertion of a V-P shunt, I returned home and felt that I had a good recovery. Obviously unable to drive, and didn't return to work as I am a midwife as still felt quite unnerved by the experience. However I started to help my daughter return to work after the birth of her beautiful boy, and enjoyed the train and bus travel. So, I have had 6 months of feeling OK and actually managed a shift in the hospital in November. A few weeks later the flu-like symptoms that I had, concerned my GP who sent me to a local hospital. They were happy that the shunt was fine, but did have another CT scan and Lumbar Puncture, to prove it!. Unfortunately I was sent back to the neurosurgery unit, who performed an ICP- Never Again! Cut long story short if I can, I now feel worse than I ever did. I have become severely depressed and referred to Neurology/Opthalmology , as surgeons dont know whats happening! Has anyone else experienced a worsening relapse after all these months? It would be useful to know . Everyone is different, so I dont expect to get the answer, but may not feel so desperate if anyone has had similar experiences. Obviously, in my job, I have not returned to work as I'm not safe to be around. I hope that I havent depressed you all with my story, but I am traipsing around looking for answers! Kind regards Jackie
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