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  1. Aw thank you Subs. It's quite surreal looking back on the year since Terry's SAH. Such a roller coaster ride of emotions, and we've jam packed it with love and togetherness. We remain grateful for every single day, and often reflect on where we've come from. I know Terry needed us to help him recover, and we needed him just as much to be here with us. He never lost his sense of humour or determination. It's incredible how much a person can suffer and still survive, and recover. I hope we can continue to encourage others who manage to make their way onto BTG. This site save
  2. Hi Carolyn, My husband had a subarachnoid haemorrhage in May 2019. At 6-7 weeks post bleed he was still very frail, struggling with overwhelming fatigue and headaches, and uncertainty about his future. Some things we did together which helped were doing cryptic crosswords, to help keep his brain active, and going on short walks to help build his strength. We had to keep the home calm and not too hectic for him, with minimal noise and demands on him. Your comment about visitors not able to see you fatiguing is because brain injury is a hidden condition, you actually need to let
  3. Hello Dramblys Like you, I haven't been on BTG for a long time, and also saw Sarah's post about Win's passing. I am so very sad for her, and her family. Win was such a beacon of hope to so many, with her funny, gracious posts and her generous heart. She was one of the first to respond to my first post, and I will always be grateful to have known her through BTG. My husband had a non aneurysm SAH just over 12 months ago. Like your wife, he has made an amazing recovery. However, he has also endured the typical chronic headaches, and even though they have improved, th
  4. Hello Brenda Welcome to BTG, I'm also very glad you found the forum. This forum has been a haven of compassion and understanding for me, and eventually my husband. My husband had a non aneurysm SAH in May 2019, and then developed hydrocephalus and required a brain drain as we called it. He spent 3 weeks in neuro ICU before going onto the ward for a few days and then being flown back to our small country town. He didn't require rehab, but endured ongoing and debilitating headaches for a very long time and fatigued very quickly. He feels things emotionally much more,
  5. Hello Sarah I have not been on BTG for many months, and this is the first post I have read. I have been dreading reading such news of other BTG members. I cannot express strongly enough how precious and beautiful your lovely mum was. Her replies to my posts gave me hope, they made me smile, and helped me to be grateful every day. I could always imagine her singing at the top of her voice with gusto! As you well know, Win shared her sunshine and wisdom so generously with everyone who stepped through the virtual doors of BTG. I am very sorry you have lost your mum,
  6. Hello Charming It's great to hear you had a lovely holiday. My husband had NASAH in May 2019, we have just returned from a 2.5 week driving holiday to visit family 1200km away. He managed to do a lot of the driving, I probably let him do too much, but he has paid for it since coming home. He spent last week sleeping/feeling in a brain fog and having worse headaches. I think while we were away he had to maintain a higher level of focus, and touring around and talking with people to catch up takes a lot of energy, and his body and brain were finally able to relax wh
  7. Hello Todd My husband had a NASAH in May 2019. The support I received on BTG has been so important to me, and to our family. My husband has just joined as well last week, he finally feels able to talk about his experience with others who know the journey. I'm sorry to hear you are having these symptoms, it must be very frightening at times? It's also hard for you when you look well on the outside but have all these symptoms happening for you, sometimes others don't understand. Of course, brain injury and recovery is a hidden experience. I hope you find s
  8. I'm so pleased for you Bev!! I hope you continue to improve. xx
  9. Hello My husband had his SAH is May 2019. Like you, this site has been my lifeline to support and information. As you have probably found, when neurosurgeons declare your loved one 'fine' it does not mean everything is good. In my view, it just means that he/she survived the bleed and is walking and talking, so their job is done. My husband still has a headache, he describes it as being 'in the background' and sometimes his head feels woolly as he calls it. He can't bend down , sneeze or squat without his headache worsening. He takes panadol and rests if the pai
  10. Hello Bev75 I have been reading through this thread. You have been through such an incredibly difficult time. I really feel for you. You've been dealing with different complications and setbacks. It's understandable that trying to return to work under the circumstances has been such a challenge for you. My husband had NASAH in May 2019. He's making a good recovery, but of course like everyone he still struggles with different side effects, and it gets him down. He doesn't know what his new 'normal' is yet. Chronic pain is very draining physically, ps
  11. Hello Von I hope you find comfort and support on this site. My husband had a non aneurysm sub arachnoid haemorrhage in May 2019. People also say to him 'you look great, you look like you'. Which is a bit of a weird thing to say, they obviously expected to be able to see that his brain is injured, but of course brain injury is a hidden condition. He still has a large dent in the front of his head where he had a drain inserted for 2 weeks after he got hydrocephalus. I joke that he should get a tattoo of my thumb print on it. Everyone's situation is different, diffe
  12. Hello Sallios My husband had a NASAH in May 2019. It took both of us a long time to feel confident to be apart, I barely left his side the first 20 days after his bleed, and I didn't return to work for 2 days a week until 2 months after his bleed. Recovering from a brain injury is incredibly slow, others can't see what is happening inside your head. So take it very easy, stay in contact with these amazing and wonderful people on BTG who helped us through. You are making great progress, but please also allow yourself to not always go ahead, some days might be a step b
  13. Wow, that's amazing Ami!! I wouldn't consider running a marathon and I haven't had a NASAH! I'm very impressed and so pleased for you at this achievement. There's nothing quite like proving others wrong, is there? Veronica
  14. My husband, like you Ben, was a healthy person when he had his NASAH in May (non smoker, walks and cycles, very healthy diet). He doesn't have any deficits, and has been told he will make a 'full recovery'. He has been impatient to get back to his walking and cycling, but his body has told him when he's reached his limit. He has been on 20 km road rides and did a 15km bush walk two weeks ago, but that's over 3 months after his bleed. If he overdoes things, he tends to feel it in the days following (increased headaches, fatigue, his head feels woolly and thick), not on the day,
  15. Hello Ruth B My husband had a non aneurysm sub arachnoid haemorrhage on 20th May 2019. He got hydrocephalus on day 3, had a drain put in day 3 until day 16, then a couple of days on the ward, transferred to our local hospital, then home 19 days after NASAH. It seems so simple to write now, but it was living hell at the time for him. I felt like I literally held his hand and kept him from floating away all those weeks, his grip on life was so tenuous. He is making a very good recovery, he has been told he will make a 'full recovery'. He is returning to Sydney to see
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