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Help with TIA exam


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Hello, Does anyone know about Having a Camerra Put Down your throat then having an Injectoin in the Heart? this is what the Dr at the Hospital wants to do to me? (got a feeling he dont like me) why cant they do it with ultra scan?

Im getting quite worried about it, so anyone with an Idea please.

I was Born with an Hole in my Heart but am told that it Closed over soon after i were Hatched so no Problems ever. But I mentioned it to Dr in Hospital durring my Short stay after Having the TIA and he said that sent Alarm Bells Ringing (though I never Heard a thing)

Im one for Worring about things like this So any help would be good.

Andi x

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cant really offer any reason but i would ask him point blank why because as far as i know putting a camera down your throat is he checking your lung fuction or your stomach

as for the injection into your heart i think you may have missheard him i know they can do a form of angio gram but that would mean injecting into your artery normaly into the groin which it itself is not a problem it will show if the hole has closed up or if there are any problems please talk to him directly and find out what he did mean will pm later take care

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Thank you Paul, I may be Making a Moutain out of a Mole Hill, Think and Hope your Right about Injection to Heart, The thought makes me want to have a Heart Attack.

Am going to Dr's Tomorrow and so I will ask my GP is she knows whats Happening.

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