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Advice pre other surgical procedures

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Hi All

I had to undergo a varicose vein procedure a couple of months back, have been suffering leg injury since the marathon and couldn't run or play tennis, so decided to stop ignoring the nasty red mark on my ankle. It turned out to be varicose eczma which meant I had to get the vein done. Fortunately my private insurance covered it as they wouldn't pay for this laser procedure on the NHS. As they wanted to do it under a general I was a bit worried and contacted my neuroradiologist and he told me that to all intents and purposes the aneurysm is no longer of consequence as it's completeley occluded so not to worry. However, I'm so glad I checked with him first because when I met the anaesthetist just before the operation he did appear a bit disconcerted and unsure until I reassured him I'd spoken with my specialist at Kings'. So just worth a mention in case anyone else has to have something done - I think we have to remember we are the experts on the subject of SAH and all that goes with it.


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I have prostate cancer which thankfully is a "watch and wait" situation but as the blood test I have regularly is not 100 per cent reliable my consultant has told me I need a further biopsy but he will not do it until my neuro problems are sorted out. My neuro has told me to to tell him its OK but my GP has told me thats his responsibility and is contacting the neuro, (most of you are acquainted with my problems) but thought this is relevant to this item.



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