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Guest RecrutX

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Guest Denise

Hello, are you new here?

I found this board a few weeks ago.

I am from the US, I don't know what time it is in France, but here right now it is 10:20 pm.

I just stopped by to see if there are any new posts and saw this one.

Do you have a headache from having SAH?

If you want to share more information, someone here will talk with you.

I have a headache too, so tired of them actually.

I will check back later and see if you wrote back, I wish Karen or someone was here to help you.

I think we're on way different time zones.

Anyway, hope your headache isn't too bad and subsides soon.


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Guest Denise

I am so sorry about that violet color, it didn't come out dark enough, and I tried like 10 times to get that post to post, kept getting some invalid message thing, so I was bored and played with the color thingy and well, that wasn't a good idea.

I'm going to try it again, but this time make it bold and see if it comes out better.

Now it's after 11 pm, past my bedtime, so I am over tired.

Don't mind me...

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