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I think that getting respire care would be so helpful, especially if it's getting the information direct from carers themselves.

My mum cares for my dad full time, and has been since his SAH in 07. It's astonishing to think that in the past 3 years or so, nobody has actually come forward with information about respite to my mum. We were only told about this in full detail when my mum started Direct Payments.

I've been recently looking into respite for my mum because she's been stressed and there are so many options. If I hadn't gone onto the NHS website myself, I probably wouldn't have known about it though.

The government do need to make carers more aware of such services available, really.

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Hi Roshni,

It's so lovely to hear from you and hope that life is treating you a little kinder!:-D I think that the last time we heard from you, your Dad was still in hospital? ...

Respite care is something that seems to have to be fought for and not automatically offered, which is totally wrong, but I suppose it's all down to money at the end of the day and therefore, they don't shout about it!

Sounds as though your Mum deserves and really needs to have some "me" time ... but she has a lovely young daughter that is looking out for her ... Am sure that she's v.proud of you .... I certainly would be! :-D

(I know that it says that Lauren is logged on, but have been using her log in, for Admin purposes - She's just come in from work and I've told her that you've been online .... it's spooky as we were only speaking about you last night, as I was wondering how you and your Dad were doing.)

You take good care of yourself and I'm doing fine thanks ....

Really hope that your Mum can get some R & R soon.

Love Karen xx

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