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  1. I have replied to,your message. Please dont despair it will get easier in time. Its only natural for,you to feel the way you do right now. My husband is not the same person as he was prior to the SAH but he is alive and has a good quality of life. There were and are times when I could quite literally have strangled him and he does not always behave as I would like but i just go out for a few hours for my own sanity and to teach him a lesson which it does eventually. It might sound harsh but it keeps me sane. Good luck to you. If you need any more help let me know
  2. Hi Donna Have just taken out a weeks insurance for D and myself it was £67 for a week in Greece which I thought was pretty good as d has a two page list of medical conditions the company is Columbus direct http://www.columbusdirect.com/ Pre-existing medical conditions tab on the left hand side at the bottom. Poppy
  3. Glad you found it useful Lin I know D gets a lot out of it. poppy
  4. Hi Lin I can only tell you about D as the only times I attend Headway is for functions. D has found it extremely helpful and likes to chat to others in the same situation as himself. He mixes with other people he would not normally do and has found people there with similar interests to himself which has been good. They have lots of social occasions and outings. From my point of view it gives me a break and for him a break from me Hope this helps but you could give it a try and see how you feel. I know D was very very nervous the first few times he went but he persevered. In fact tomorr
  5. Hi Sonia We use a company called Columbus direct and they are very reasonable as D has several medical conditions apart from the SAH. I think we were quoted from some companies £1500 for trip to the US and they did it for £270 so a big difference. Just make sure you declare everything even if you think it is not necessary better be safe than sorry. Have a good time at the wedding poppy
  6. Hi Zoe. I thought I was reading about my own situation when I read your post. It could have been me who had written it. If I can help as being in a similar situation to yourself please feel free to pm me. I know what it is like being on the receiving end and it is not nice. poppy xx
  7. If it's any help I am 50 and it was no problem:-D poppy
  8. Although not had SAH (partner has) I have had the mirena in for around 3 years now. For me it was for the dreaded menopause and all that comes with it. I had it done in my Docs surgery and although uncomfortable having it done I would not hesitate to have it in again if I needed. Hopefully in two years I will not longer be in need After the initial first few months havent looked back no more PMS or periods (Sorry gents) poppy x
  9. Hello Sonia Glad you found this site they are a lovely bunch of people. I have not suffered a SAH myself but my partner has. I look forward to reading your story. poppy
  10. Hi all I am so pleased you have found it useful. I had previously trawled the internet for travel insurance last year and it is a minefield out there and some would not even cover pre-existing conditions and some wanted stupid money. I am so glad I found this company it has given us peace of mind and saved us loads. poppy x
  11. Thought I would share this information with you all as some may find it useful. As most of you know D has several other pre-existing medical conditions as well as the SAH. Whilst looking last year for travel insurance came across a company called Columbus direct. We had quotes to go to Florida for 9 weeks from other companies ranging from £1000 to £1600 far too much for us to afford. The columbus company covered all pre-existing medical conditions for the 9 weeks for £270. I just got our insurance for France from them for 6 weeks including all pre-existing conditions for both of us plus wint
  12. Di............... Welcome Welcome Welcome poppy x
  13. Sally...............Welcome Welcome Welcome poppy x
  14. Caroline send you a PM Congrats on grandma to be wonderful news. poppy & D
  15. Great news so pleased for you both.......... onwards and upwards poppy x
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