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Hi all. I had my sah 6 months ago and have been extremely lucky both physically and mentally with no adverse side effects. What I’ve noticed over the last few days is my fatigue is massive, is this normal or do you think it’s just seasonal?

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Hello Dee,

Welcome. It is great you have found this support forum.


You are very early in your recovery and everyone’s experience is unique; however, some post SAH stroke challenges are fairly universal and fatigue is one of them.


Getting good sleep and drinking lots of water is a basic essential while your brain heals. Try to pace yourself with breaks so you don’t over extend yourself.


I found  reading some of the main articles posted on this site and following topics that matched my concerns offered immediate help and encouragement.


Always seek medical consultation if you have questions that need immediate professional input or if you have new symptoms.


Stress can bring on more fatigue in my experience. I wish you the best and am thankful that you are doing so well overall. 

(in Colorado 41/2 years post SAH)

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Hi Dee a very warm welcome to BTG :) 


Some great advice from our lovely Kathy xx


Great news you are doing so well so early. The dreaded fatigue is your body telling you to slow down and pace yourself. It is very normal especially in the early stages. Your brain has been through a huge trauma and is trying to repair and function as normal.


You have not mentioned if you work. If you do or are thinking of going back many on here have found it best to go back on a phased return and see how you cope. 


So pleased you found us, you will find lots of helpful caring support here.


We look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx 



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Hi Tina, thanks for the response.

I was lucky enough to retire at 52 so works not an issue.

I’m just surprised that I was ok but so tired now, but saying that I have been doing more.

This seems like a great support source and I’m glad I found it x

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