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Hi all, Merrill is almost 12 months since the sah,and throughout her recovery she had little problems that comes and goes but about a month ago she developed a little jerk on her left side which has'nt got worse and it has'nt got any better, but about the same time her speech appears to have gotten worse, these happen even when she isn't tired and i've mentioned them to the hospital where she goes for rehab, but as she has an appiontment on the 25th of this month for a review they said they would look at all that then and if she needs a speech therapist they would get her one but the jerking they said "oh that may go in time but it really bothers Merrill wonder if anyone has had similar experience this far along in their recovery and if it just rightened it's self many thanks Rod

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hi rod lins right hand seems to jerk when she is trying to do something but if i hold her hand and move it it seems to stop i was told its posture related due to neuro damage im sorry she is having problems with her speech im just wondering if its the damage showing now i just hope that on the 25 they will give you some answers and the problem is not serious for you both take care hugs to you both

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Hi Rod

Sorry to hear about Merrill's speech problems and the jerking, in relation to her speech problem I have the same problem too, it started about 1 month after my SAH. I was admitted to hospital for it too which I did not think was necessary and had a speech therapist the conclusion was that it was part of the damage done from the SAH. It's like words gets stuck in my head and I cannot say them or they take time for the words to come out. I feel more comfortable in an environment that I am familiar with but start struggling with speech with new surroundings and more so when I am tired.

I have not had problems with jerking but I have found that my muscles have become weaker and I tend to feel pain a lot more even when having my BP done .

Hope it goes well for you and Merrill on the 25th.

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