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Finding a Purpose following NASAH

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Hello everyone

Haven't posted on here for quite some time and had actually forgotten about Behind The Gray until it popped into my head in the middle of this morning's meditation.


Hope everyone is travelling okay, I'm waiting on an appointment with a cardiologist specialising in electrical and have also recently had an Initial Intake Assessment with a Dementia and Memory Clinic. 


The memory clinic is because I've deteriorated subtly in the cognitive area including memory.


The thing I grapple with most though, is the gaping hole or large space that has been left by the loss of my work/business 3 years ago. I don't seem to be able to arrive at a new purpose to fill that space. 


Wondering how others deal with this and what you do to fill the space. Working for nearly 50 years is a hard thing to replace and the sense of identity that goes with that.  I have tried different hobbies to no avail. Would appreciate thoughts on this.

Kind regards to everyone




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I filled my time by doing voluntary work. I did youth mentoring and went onto doing adult mentoring with local organisations. The beauty of volunteering is that I could fit it in as to how I was feeling able to cope. As much or as little and as and when I could. 

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Like Super Mario I found volunteering to be a good up lifting thing.  I sat on it for a while thinking what is something that I have always had a liking for but have put it aside for things like being busy with work family and such...


Animals was my answer, I have always loved and been interested in animals.  Became a zoo volunteer...  I have moved now a bit of a distance from the zoo so I am looking for something new.  Again the animals interest me so I have been watching birds all winter and just watched a owl mama and her babies grow. 


Just ordered a humming bird feeder will put it out first of May.  I have some books and there is an app on the phone if I take there picture it tells me what it is.  


Sorry I don't mean to go on and on...hope it helps..


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