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Homonymous Hemianopia and driving

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Hello everyone - I'm hoping this forum still attracts some responses! The threads I can see are all a few years old. 


I'm desperately seeking help and hope. I had an ischaemic stroke in July 2021 leaving with me homonymous hemianopia on the right side (my only deficit). I recovered some sight in the lower section, so the remaining deficit is about 40% (based on results from a Specsavers Esterman test) - not good enough for the DVLA, and they revoked my licence. I'm aware of the exceptional case criteria and I'm DETERMINED to regain my independence. 


I'm not really sure what I need here, perhaps just some encouragement and a confidence boost - I'm vaguely aware of what I need to do, although in all honestly I don't really know where to start and am feeling overwhelmed. I'm also terrified, and holding back for fear of failure. I know I only get one shot at this, and I really can't fail - so much hangs on it, I'm not sure how I'd cope if I'm refused. Hope is all that keeps me going. 


I know that I have adapted fully to the deficit, but it's also been so long since I've been behind the wheel I'm scared. 


Does anyone have any words of wisdom to set me off on the right path? Thank you so much for any input. 

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Hi Staystrong21 :)  a very warm welcome to BTG.


All i can say is never give up. Read all the posts from others here, they are very helpful. Good to read you are DETERMIND to get your independence back, that's a great place to start :)  I had double vision and was lucky it did improve and i eventually got my Driving Licence back after 2 years. I had to keep chasing the DVLA and get letters from Specialists etc.


I was very nervous about getting behind the wheel again after 2 years. My husband came with me, we found a quiet road and then one with a width restriction to go through. As soon as i started driving my fears went. I drove well and felt great. Went through the width restriction and impressed my husband :)  Saying that, on my bad days i never drive. I just know when i wake up.


We wish you well and please let us know how you get on. I do know from experience the DVLA take ages to reply and you do have to keep chasing them up.


Good luck

Tina :) 


P.S. please click on the links below, may be helpful.








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Thank you so much Tina, I really appreciate your response and support. I'm still hesitant about starting the whole process, but perhaps I'll try to contact the DVLA next week and put the wheels in motion, so to speak! 


I'll have a read through the threads too, I know there is so much useful info out there, but have read so much now that these specific signposts will help me gather my thoughts again and stay focused 🙏🏻 


This forum is definitely the most helpful source of information I have found, outside of this space it's like driving after stroke (at least with any visual defect) is the world's biggest kept secret! 

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So glad you have found this forum helpful :) 

Contact the DVLA and as you say, put the wheels in motion.

We look forward to hearing how you get on.


Good luck 

Take care 

Tina :) 

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