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Dizziness, imbalance and vision problems

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Hi all,

Just to introduce myself, my name is Holly, I'm 37 from glasgow. I suffered a SAH 3 months ago. It was due to an accident so I also had a fractured skull. The SAH was on the left hand side but Pressure also built up on the right hand side,  encephalitis I think. Not quite sure. Anyway, my family are very happy i survived, and now I'm back in my flat living independently, not back at work yet. In hospital I had double vision, but thankfully that only lasted a couple of days.


At the moment my main issues are dizziness, especially when I move the right side of my head, vision blurriness when looking quickly from side to side, which, if I'm walking, will then affect my balance. My left side seems more imbalanced, the leg in particular. I also feel terrible when going from lying down to standing or sitting to standing. Just wondered if anyone else had a similar issue and did it resolve? Thank you

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Welcome to BTG.

8 minutes ago, hollyglas said:

Pressure also built up on the right hand side,  encephalitis I think.

You will mean hydrocephalus. 


I was and still am after 19 years plus still suffering from dizziness and balance problems. It has a name, ataxia. That is not to say that yours will not improve and get better over time. I would request physiotherapy as soon as possible which can help. My physio referral was left far too late for it to help me. 

In the meantime do not discount the use of a stick to help with your balance, it may only for a short term.


You are in the very early stage of recovery at 3 months. Take baby steps in everything you do or you may well find yourself going backwards.

Wishing you well for your future recovery.

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