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Hi Folks


I'm very new to this forum. I had a occipital lob stroke in March 2024 which affected my RHS vision on both eyes. My vision is much improved and I have been to the optician for a visual field test. This has shown a marked improvement but I was advised not to drive. I contacted the DVLA and they have advised that I need to book and eye test with SpecSavers within 3 weeks.


That test is due on Monday so I have my fingers and toes crossed I am able to pass. I don't notice any difficulties with my everyday sight and when I was sitting in the car passenger seat it all looked normal to me. I'm hoping that I pass the Esterman test.


My own optician did a fields test with me a month after my stroke and said things had improved but to return in 3 months and not to drive meantime. The DVLA have said I must have a test with SS within 3 weeks of receiving their letter. 


There so much useful advice and experience on the forum so thanks for that.


Does anyone know how long it takes the DVLA to get back to people after the SS Esterman Fields test?



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Hi Eddie


Good luck for Monday, hope all goes well .


As Super Mario has said above the DVLA are often very slow. I politely chased them up each week after the specified time given for a reply. Make sure you take copies of all documents that you send to them, just in case.


Please let us know how you get on.


Take care

Tina :) 

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