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Tetnus Injections

Guest Tracey

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Hi everyone,

I have a sillier than usual question to ask today, about tetnus injections.

Ive recently moved house which meant I had to change G.P as well, reluctantly I have to say, anyway the new G.P has sent me a letter to say I should make an appointment with the nurse to have a tetnus injection because its been a while since I had one. Has anyone out there had a post SAH tetnus, is it safe to have this. Im still scared to have anything stronger than paracetamol incase it affects blood pressure or that, I even feel like a daredevil when I have a diet coke and I havent even progressed to coffee yet so a tetnus injection brings a whole new dimension to my levels of bravery. Any advice would be appreciated although I do understand its probably one of the stranger questions.



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Hey there

I have no idea and its at least 20 years since I had a tetanus too!!! Have you told your new Doc about your SAH? It might be worth it if they haven't been informed or got your notes yet.

Like the daredevil comment - I must admit I used to love Pepsi Max and I haven't touched it since. I've had the odd cup of coffee but miss it so much that I've started on the de caff. In fact off for one now :wink:


Sami xxx

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Hi Tracey,

I know how you feel ..... 4 months after my SAH, my GP recommended me to have the flu jab, because of low immunity post SAH. I wasn't looking forward to it, but was assured that I wouldn't suffer any after affects from it, apart from a lump or stiff arm at the injection site. Well, the nurse jabbed me, which was fine......as I was about to leave, she told me that I would have to sit in the waiting room for at least 10 minutes, in case I reacted to it...I was mortified as I asked her how would I react? Her reply..."well, you will soon know"...........it was the longest 10 mins I've spent anywhere.....I went back to my car and burst into tears, silly I know.

I don't know anything about tetanus and SAH..............but if you're unsure, I would check it out with the GP first.

Tracey you're not a whimp, you're being honest about your fears.........I don't like anybody coming at me with anything that I don't need to have since the SAH..............pills, jabs or anything else .....I bet there's a few others on this site that would say the same.

Sorry this isn't much help to you!

Love K x

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