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Claiming for time off work

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Hi All,

I was just wondering if any of you are able to claim for the time that you have to take off work? Things could be hard for people if they can't get back to work as quick as they would like.

Take care Sonia xx

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I don't know what your present circumstances are, but I am assuming that you are presently off work. In such a case, you are able to claim statutory sick pay. Depending on your income and circumstances this can be topped up with Income Support.

Millions of benefit money goes unclaimed every year because people don't know what they're entitled to- (the government don't bleat on about this!)

I know I bang on about the C.A.B a lot(!!) but because I work there, I see the problems people face on welfare. If you listen to the government you would think we're all work shirkers and undeserving of our benefit money. The truth is, the vast majority are genuine cases and a lot under claim.

There are people at the C.A.B who can give you a 'benefit check.' That means discussing your circumstances and advising you which benefits you're entitled to and even helping you with the paperwork. It's a free service and all offices have a drop in centre.


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Hi Sonia

Because I work for the NHS I got occupational sick pay. I recieved my full pay for 2 months and then half pay for a further two months. I had worked for them for two years. Had I been working there for 5 years I would have got 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay. It all depends on your terms and conditions where you work.

Once my occupational sick pay ran out, I then went on to statutory sick pay, you recieve that for 28 weeks. the 28 weeks starts from the first day of sickeness but you can't receive occupational sick pay and SSP at the same time. But after the 28 weeks were up I received nothing. Incapacity benefit is means tested and our income is above the thresh hold.

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