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Christmas tips on the Brain and Spine Foundation website

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Thanks Jen

Good advice, i need to keep reminding myself to pace it helps so much.

The mobility scooter thing sounds good, im even thinking of using one when we go to Florida next April. In disneyland they have them to hire, not sure if i will be up to walking the whole parks by then or not.

Tracy S xxx

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I can heartily recommend a mobility scooter! I thought it was a bit OTT to sign up for it, but the first time I was able to wander round the shops with my daughter I felt so FREE :-P I used to get so tired I would cry... but this way you get to wander at a leisurely pace.

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I am so proud of myself that I did not over do anything, I did just enough. And we all had a wonderful time. Even when my husband fainted 3 times leaving the pub to the car on the 23rd, he was admitted to hospital and transferred 45 minutes away to a larger hospitals cardiology dept.To make this story short he ended up needing to have his heart paddled back into rhythm. We were at hospital until 2:00 am & back to pick him up the next day. I still somehow paced myself so well I did great. He is doing great as well. But everyone thought I was going to go over the deep end. I have such good friends. I am proud I was able to just add an BIG event and Christmas, my sons were home , my meals were simple but good, ordered most of my gifts off amazon, and it all went well. I just kept taking things to do off my list. Like making an extra side dish, bring the neighbors a little something etc... I was able to have quality time between naps and working holiday treatments at the vets office as well. Life is good!

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